Pantao Blue La Mer

aka Blue Christal

aka Christoph Westphal

aka Swami Deva Prabodh




Selected flutes / ausgewählte Flöten:

Sakuhachi (japan),
Hulusi and Dize (china),
Fujara (Slovakia),
Over tone flute (mongolia)
Bansuri (indien),
Ukarina (south amerika)
Northern american flute
Tin wistle (irish)
Recorder (clasical western),
Clasical c flute (french systheme)
Akai ewi 4000 electrical midi wind controler



1983 : first flut
1985 : first saxo + moog (spain)
88-98: Duett with drum, Hunab Ku with Martin Bässler, Stella Osowski / Studio cooperation with Kailash Kokopelli and others
1999 : spain, finland, germany, india
98-05: Axon Ishtar: Martin Bässler – Percussion, Andreas Heuer – E-Percussion, Jakob Sello (Kobtob)- Synth., Gerd Spree – Drums, Sven Dühring – Voc. + Didgeridoo + Guitar, Georg & Anton Bass, Pantao Blue div. Flutes,  Wiebke and Jona – Dance
05-06: feat Whoop: V.König, S.Dühring, G.Spree
2006 : Some experimental stuff / studio
2007 : feat. Gaya Sol – live trance Concert, Andrew Byrnes – Drums
Martin Dubois – Marimba & Percusion
Davy Missamou – Djembé
Volker König – Synthesizer
Micihiel Teijgeler- Didgeridoo
Kareem Raihani – Mix – Effect & Voc.
Dougal Hallowes – Bass & Vocals
2007 : feat. Kristian Gjesing, Allan Reher Langberg – Efish trance
2008 : Single projects, online projects
2009: Flute & Hang feat. Edwin Niekel aka Hanguman
2010: in the studio with Edwin Niekel / Jamie Catto and Alex Foster, Chinmaya,
11/12: studio worldwide with different producer
2013: studio Brazil with Christoforo G, live with Amber
2014: Live on Mehfil (India Chinmaya) and Satya, Carlos Gonsalves
2015: Band projekt
2016: Live with Edwin Niekel