new release

It is important for artists to survive, but how do we do that ?

You can listen on Spotify, ITunes, ect., but did you know, that 4000 streams are equivalent as if you by one Album on Bandcamp? In fact, the artists get very little!

You can by music direct from the artist, why would you do that?

Well first of all, if you really like a peace of music, or album, it is much more delicious to listen in WAV form and not in mp3. Secondly, you can download your music again and again, also in future to your device, and listen to it, when ever you want (in wave). Thirdly, you can support the artist direct.

The music i make, i offer for only 0,50 EURO per song, with the option for you to give how much you want. You can download and get my music here. I thought about to maket it free, but then i have to pay Bandcamp for it. The min. amount i can set is 0,25, so i decided to make it 0,50 Euro. Big shout out to YOU, thank YOU for surport. Blue

Kangaroo Spirit