Pan Tao


aka  Blue Christal

aka Swami Deva Prabodh

Flute Player in love  since 1983 to present

with in the years, my flute collection has grown to about 30-50 different flutes like:

Selected flutes / ausgewählte Flöten:

Sakuhachi (japan),

Hulusi and Dize (china),

Fujara (Slovakia),

Over tone flute (mongolia)

Bansuri (indien),

Ukarina (south amerika)

Northern american flute

Tin wistle (irish)

Recorder (clasical western),

Clasical c flute (french systheme)

Akai ewi 4000 electrical midi wind controler


digital production with IOS: 2019/20

studio with jamie catto, Alex Foster and Edwin Nickel: 2010 

sita ram project concerts and studio: 2009 

single projects, online projects: 2008

liquid ways: 2008 

gaya sol: 2007 

some experimental stuff – studio work: 2006 

whoop: 05-06 

axon ishtar: 92-06  album releas „flute“ 

hunab ku : 87-93  duett with drum and dance